Rent to Own Options!

Rent to Own is designed to help people that want to purchase a home, but are in transition from the flood, bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, or other life situations.

Any house for sale in Iowa can be set up as a Rent to Own home.


How is your credit?

 It would be in your best interest to obtain financing on your own, but there are options.

We know of several very aggressive mortgage lenders that may be able to help you finance now. 

If credit is an issue,  the lender will provide credit counseling, allowing you to obtain traditional financing on your own when your credit score improves.



If traditional financing is not an option for you now, we can bring in an investor to help!

We have investors in place to finance the property you choose.

The investors require 7%-20% down, or a minimum of $7000, depending on the property and investor.  This option to purchase money is credited back to you when you cash out the investor.  You would loose the option to purchase money, if you decided not to purchase the property.


Your Private Webpage

We set up a private webpage for you, specific to your buyer criteria.  This will help you learn market quickly.   The new listings will email to you when they hit the market.  This will keep you on the cutting edge!  Just call us when you see a property of interest!